Show Juicy Feedback to Indicate Player Damage in Video Games (Acagamic Tip Tuesday #4)

the acagamic tip tuesday Mar 08, 2022
Juicy damage indicators for Diablo: Immortal with differences in size and colour.

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Game UX Tip of the Week:

Use UI iconography, text size, colour coding, timing, and audio to show feedback of impactful player damage in your combat designs.
Minecraft Dungeons covers basics but could improve damage impact indicators.
This is how a similar level-up situation would unfold in Diablo 3. Great font effects.
The Final Fantasy 7 remake shows how this can be done with turn-based elements.

When your game features lots of combat, it is crucial to give the player direct feedback about the impact of their combat moves. This can sometimes be tough to argue with the game designers, who might argue for a more immersive approach. User testing will show what your players appreciate more.

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