How to Provide Consistent and Clear Feedback (Acagamic Tip Tuesday #6)

the acagamic tip tuesday Mar 22, 2022
The Elden Ring UI showing health bars for players and enemies with clear and consistent feedback during combat.

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Game UX Tip of the week

Be consistent and clear in your feedback choices in your games. Consistency is key. Feedback must be clear.

Consistent patterns in games that match players’ expectations are critical for a smooth gameplay experience. If you make an aesthetic choice for your feedback, be consistent in how you present the feedback to the player and make sure the feedback is clear.

The gore in Elden Ring is used as feedback, but assisted by a life bar that depletes.

The colourful theme in Fortnite uses coloured numbers to provide feedback.Uncharted 4 uses less UI feedback and relies more on character animations.

Dishonored as a stealth game blends UI and immersive elements of feedback.

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