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After blog­ging about the Top 50 game devel­op­ers, I got more inter­est­ed in the rev­enue of the game indus­try. I have been search­ing for good game indus­try sales data for a while, since the NPD group fig­ures are not easy to come by and stud­ies relat­ed to rev­enue usu­al­ly cost quite a bit (e.g. game devel­op­er research). Everyone knows about about favorite indus­try sources like VG Chartz, Metacritic, and GameStats. The lat­ter two are more con­cerned with rat­ing data while the first is def­i­nite­ly inter­est­ing for peo­ple inter­est­ed in sales fig­ures. However, some oth­er real­ly cool and help­ful sites turned up when I start­ed look­ing for game sales increase over the last decade in the US, which by the way looks like the fol­low­ing:

Game Industry Revenue

Video game industry revenue in the US (1995-2008)

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