Advent Calendar 2009

8 - GamerDNA: Trends in Online Gaming, Blurring Lines Between Casual and Hardcore

For December 8, I have select­ed a pre­sen­ta­tion from Jon Radoff, who runs GamerDNA, a social media com­pa­ny work­ing with track­ing play­er behav­ior. This means they run a ser­vice or com­mu­ni­ty that allows gamers to con­nect and com­pare all their gam­ing good­ness (play­er sta­tis­tics) in one place. This enables GamerDNA to have fas­ci­nat­ing insights into the trends of online gam­ing and game­play in gen­er­al. His pre­sen­ta­tion gives rea­sons to final­ly put away stereo­types of gamers and demo­graph­ic lim­i­ta­tions of gam­ing. Today, every­body plays in one way or anoth­er, which empha­sizes an increas­ing need for diverse gen­res, styles, or gen­er­al­ly form and con­tent of games. I hope you feel inspired by his nice pre­sen­ta­tion (espe­cial­ly the stats). Continue read­ing

Eye Tracking

Gaming and Eye Tracking: Gameplay Experience in a Gaze Interaction Game

Eye track­ing has — for quite a while — attract­ed game researchers to use this excit­ing tech­nol­o­gy to inter­act with new media, espe­cial­ly games, since from a view­point of game acces­si­bil­i­ty, it opens gam­ing up to peo­ple with severe motor dis­abil­i­ties. At the COGAIN con­fer­ence in May, we have pre­sent­ed a paper with results from our 2007 study. Continue read­ing