Game Design
Basic Introduction to Game Design

What's the role of game designers?

Welcome to the first week of class in the course: Basic Introduction to Game Design. Make sure to read the syl­labus and course infor­ma­tion before you con­tin­ue. Today, we are going to dis­cuss the role of a game design­er when com­plet­ing a game and find out a lit­tle more about what game design actu­al­ly is. This text fol­lows close­ly from our text­books (Game Design Workshop, Chapter 1 and Challenges for Game Designers, Chapter 1). Before we get start­ed right away, let me point you to a series of help­ful videos called Extra Credits as well. They tack­le many inter­est­ing game devel­op­ment issues in their videos that are edu­ca­tion­al and often fun to watch as well. The one below dis­cuss­es what you need to become a game design­er. I high­ly rec­om­mend the videos on their chan­nel if you want to find out more about game devel­op­ment. They have lots of infor­ma­tion there and com­ple­ment this course nice­ly.

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Advent Calendar 2009

5 - Basics of what you need to know about eye tracking

December 5 brings us a very clever, sober, and insight­ful pre­sen­ta­tion about eye track­ing. Harry Brignull, who runs 90percentofeverything is a User Experience Consultant at Madgex in Brighton, England. In his pre­sen­ta­tion he man­ages to demys­ti­fy some of the ini­tial pre­con­cep­tions one might have about eye track­ing. He describes the effect eye track­ing has on the user researcher and how to make the most of it. He man­ages to add in a few quotes and quirks to keep the pre­sen­ta­tion excit­ing (my favorite quote is from Jared Spool, who appar­ent­ly hates eye track­ers). I hope you enjoy watch­ing his pre­sen­ta­tion as much as I did. Continue read­ing