Advent Calendar 2009

16 - The Experience is The Product

Technology » Features » Experience. Experience is the prod­uct is a three-year old slide­cast from Peter Merholz of Adaptive Path. In his slides, he explains the con­cept of prod­uct design in light of user expe­ri­ence and what design fea­tures suc­cess­ful prod­ucts have. Data » Logic » User Interface was an ear­ly design approach for soft­ware, while now it is more User Interface » Logic » Data. Good devel­op­ment oscil­lates between those two. Essentially, the slides tell us that we design and devel­op for more than an arti­fact, but rather for a whole expe­ri­ence. I find this espe­cial­ly true in game design (again).


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