E-Mail Policy and Contact FAQ

I receive many emails every day. Sorry if I did not read yours. If you thought my email to you was too short, too late, or I completely ignored you, please note the following:

  • Always try calling me first. I’d rather talk than write. My office on main campus is ML 241 and you can reach me at (+1) 519-888-4567 x38251 and my office in Stratford is DMS 2012 and you can reach me at: x23025
  • If your email has more than 300 words in it, I have likely only read your first paragraph.
  • If you did not hear back from me, consider the advice in this email charter. It’s not personal.
  • I am struggling with work-life balance, maybe you are, too. Read about these horror stories. It’s not ok.
  • I am checking email at my firstname.lastname@gmail.com account at least twice a day: 11am and 4pm. Other email accounts may vary. I try not to check email on weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers

When is it best to schedule a meeting with you during the week?

Thursday and Friday between 2pm and 4pm (ET) is my preferred time. Please always schedule the meeting via email (iCal invite preferred).

Where can I find more information about your group?

We have a research group website as well as a Facebook page as well as a YouTube channel (see also the Gamification 2013 hangouts: playlist). We are trying to keep these updated and hope that you will find some more information there. Here are some recent news articles from the press about my research:

I need to send you snail mail: What is your postal address?

Dr. Lennart Nacke
Director, HCI Games Group
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON
Canada N2L 3G1

FAQ For Students

Are you looking for graduate students?

Yes, I am always seeking ambitious, talented and motivated graduate students to join my HCI Games Group. Do not send me unsolicited application requests, but be precise and interesting in your application if you want to hear back from me.

I am an undergraduate student taking one of your classes, what is the best way to get in contact with you?

Twitter only! (Only in emergencies: phone or email.)

Can you be my job reference?

The answer is very likely “no” if you were one of my undergraduate students – mostly because I have no time – but it is “yes” if you worked for me or you are one of my graduate students (or you were an excellent student in many of my classes). Or if you were part of one the Ubisoft capstone teams that I supervise (especially if you won a trophy like the guys below):

Can I work for you (as an undergraduate) in the summer?

Same rules apply as for graduate applications (read the FAQ below). I need to see your work first and need to have funding available. Talk to me early (i.e., in February) and not just when the semester ends. We accept some unpaid student volunteers over the summer, but you will have to interview with me first since positions are limited.

Should I pursue an undergraduate degree in Game Development and Entrepreneurship at UOIT?

UOIT is a very young and innovative university in Canada, which provides many great opportunities; for example, to do HCI-research-related to gaming topics, so yes, I would encourage you to apply. In the Faculty of Business and Information Technology, we have a great mix of interdisciplinary researchers, so that you could pursue a research career in technical game related topics (such as augmented reality games) to more experimental topics (such as psychological impact of gaming). If you are interested in working with me on HCI in games, please see the next question.

Can I work on one of your research projects?

Generally, yes. I am always seeking motivated and ambitious students interested in my research areas. If you are a Master’s or a PhD student interested in doing research in game science, human-computer interaction, user experience evaluation, entertainment computing, game design, physiological or affective computing, or interaction design, I would be glad for you to contact me. Undergraduate students interested in doing this type of research can apply for a summer internship or do an honors or senior project on one of these mentioned topics. Degree applications must also meet UOIT’s admission criteria and will be administered under the local Master’s or PhD programs. You can put my name as a potential supervisor if you are interested in working with me. See the next question for details.

Where do I apply for the graduate program at UOIT?

If are you are interested in doing a graduate degree under my supervision, please apply through the Master’s program in Computer Science or the PhD program in Computer Science at UOIT. For a graduate program, you should have an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer engineering, information technology, human computer interaction, industrial design, cognitive science, or software engineering from a Canadian university, or its equivalent from a recognized institution. Interest (and preferably experience) in two of the three areas of game development, psychology, or computer science is important. Applications must also meet the regular admission criteria (see MSc or PhD), such as a minimum B+ average. More general information about UOIT’s graduate program can be found here. Make sure to keep in mind the application deadlines, especially if you are applying from abroad. If you are interested in applying, make sure to put my name in the application as potential supervisor.

Do you supervise and accept students from everywhere?

I have worked very successfully with Canadian and international students in the past. Regarding international students, I have strong connections to Germany, Scandinavia, and New Zealand and have constantly co-supervised students from there in the past. But no matter, where you are from, you need to have a strong demonstrated interest in human-computer interaction, game design, user experience evaluation and/or user-centered design if you want to work with me. I am currently securing funding for students deeply interested in this kind of research. However, if you come from an international institution and have your own funding, do not hesitate to ask about research opportunities or internships. If you considering to apply to the graduate program at UOIT, make sure you meet the language requirements.