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I recent­ly orga­nized a CHI work­shop on Brain and Body Interfaces togeth­er with Kiel and Steve from We have been talk­ing about com­mon inter­ests for a while now and it was great to orga­nize this work­shop togeth­er as it is the sec­ond one on this top­ic at CHI that I was involved in. Since we were dis­cussing about oth­er pos­si­ble venues to dis­sem­i­nate research or at least keep the dis­cus­sion going in our research area, we have been try­ing out things like a BBI wiki, an attempt at a blog about affec­tive gam­ing and also using the Physiological Computing web­site to enhance the work­shop and allow more peo­ple to see our research dis­cus­sions. Kiel did an excel­lent job at prepar­ing all the videos from the work­shop online. For an exam­ple, see the fol­low­ing video of my work­shop talk.

So, after the excel­lent efforts that went into this CHI work­shop, we decid­ed to bun­dle our ener­gies and I will inte­grate the future posts that I had planned for affec­tive gam­ing into the Physiological Computing web­site. I am excit­ed about their blog­ging team, although expe­ri­ence shows that with an aca­d­e­m­ic day job, often not much time is left for these post­ings. I hope for the best though.


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