10 Exciting Platforms For Getting Crowdfunding For Your Project

People work­ing in the cre­ative indus­try, young and smart entre­pre­neurs, and mod­ern researchers are always hunt­ing for spon­sors for their next big project. Crowdfunding seems to be the solu­tion to get­ting the pub­lic to pay for the exe­cu­tion of a real­ly cool (but often risky) idea. The crowd­fund­ing con­cept has become more pop­u­lar in the past year and here are 10 plat­forms that allow you to pitch your crowd­fund­ed projects. Note that the idea of crowd­fund­ing for sci­ence has also become more pop­u­lar recent­ly.

  1. Kickstarter is at the time of writ­ing one of the largest plat­forms for crowd­sourced fund­ing of cre­ative projects.
  2. Indiegogo is anoth­er large crowd-based fund­ing plat­form for all kinds of projects, but with a slant toward the cre­ative indus­try.
  3. Rockethub is a com­mu­ni­ty-based approach to crowd-sourced fund­ing that sup­ports artists, sci­en­tists, entre­pre­neurs, and phil­an­thropists.
  4. Petridish is a sci­ence-focused crowd-fund­ing plat­form, cur­rent­ly lean­ing more toward the nat­ur­al sci­ences.
  5. Sciflies spe­cialis­es on crowd-sourced fund­ing of sci­ence or research and devel­op­ment projects with a micro-dona­tion approach.
  6. GoFundMe is a more per­son­al fund­ing web­site for pri­vate projects that usu­al­ly only require rais­ing small­er amounts of mon­ey.
  7. RockThePost is anoth­er niche crowd­fund­ing site aimed at fund­ing small­er busi­ness­es and indi­vid­u­als.
  8. FundAGeek seems unfor­tu­nate­ly still very small although I am per­son­al­ly a big fan behind the idea of fund­ing lit­tle tech projects that have an open source vibe to them.
  9. Appsfunder looks like anoth­er nice crowd­fund­ing idea aimed at a niche mar­ket of app (and mobile game) devel­op­ers look­ing for seed fund­ing to start their devel­op­ment on the lead­ing mobile plat­forms (specif­i­cal­ly Apple’s AppStore and Google Play).
  10. Localstake presents anoth­er cool crowd­fund­ing mod­el aimed at sup­port­ing local com­pa­nies and con­nect­ing investors with busi­ness­es with­in a city.

Did I for­get a plat­form? Feel free to share your expe­ri­ences, thoughts, and addi­tions in the com­ments sec­tion.


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